The Management.

Board of Commissioners Phiong Phillipus Darma / President Commissioner
Takahiro Yazawa /  Commissioner
Board of Directors Harianto Solichin / President Director
Tetsuo Takatsugu / Vice President Director
Widya Bharata / Director (Investment Banking)
Ratih Dewi / Director (Investment Management)
Key Persons Joe Budiman / General Manager (Investment Banking)
Budiman Soedono / General Manager (Securities Brokerage— Marketing)
Husein Chandra / General Manager (Finance & Accounting)
Vera Widjaya / Senior Manager (Investment Banking)
 Agustinus Sumandar / Senior Manager (Head of Relationship Managers Marketing Internasional Investment Banking)
Dasei Hatano / Senior Manager (M&A)
Lutfi Surono / Senior Manager (Securities Brokerage—Dealing)
Tenorio Triananda / Senior Manager (Investment Management)
Buyung Deniansyah / Senior Manager (Alternative Investments)
Frederik Priotomo / Senior Manager ( Offshore Fund Structure)