Equity Capital Market (Capital Raising)
Providing our clients with overall preparation and execution of marketing, distribution and allocation of new issues of shares ( or issuing additional shares i.e rights Issues ) through initial public offerings, special warrants or private placements.
Corporate Bonds
Providing solution to our clients on the raising debt for acquisitions, refinancing of existing debt, or restructuring of existing debt. Organize borrowing scheme to our clients and at the same time providing access to investors who are looking for investment opportunities in the Capital Market.
Supporting a reorganization to our clients with a view to achieving greater efficiency and profit, or to adapt to a changing market. Offered solutions could involve the combination of Capital Market activities or Private Placement, on both Equity and Debts portions.
Asset Disposal
Assisting our clients for the disposal of their tangible assets including buildings, vehicles, heavy equipment, etc. Providing advisory services and help them finding the matched buyers for their Assets.